Telecommunications Rigging

At MAP Crane Hire we have combined our crane and rigging experience to move forward into the Telecommunications sector where our client base has covered all major carriers throughout Australia.

With this experience we are able to carry out all forms of telecommunication installations and maintenance. This includes mobile network rollouts, parabolic installs and panning, antenna upgrades, green builds to full turnkey capabilities, and all testing and commissioning involved in completing the project.

Data Recording and Entry

  • MITS
  • Handover

Various Telecommunication Technologies

  • Microwave links
  • Panel antennas
  • Omni
  • Range of internal and external equipment
    • RRU
    • TMA
    • MHA
    • Combiners
    • Fibre
    • RF cabling

Equipment and Plant

  • Cranes
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Trucks
  • Light vehicles
  • Various small and large civil equipment

Testing, Commissioning and Integration

  • PIM Testing
  • Sweep Testing
  • Mega Testing
  • Fibre Testing

Various Site Combinations

  • Green builds and upgrades
  • Freestanding lattice towers
  • Monopoles
  • Rooftops and difficult access areas


  • Complete site solutions
  • Pit and pipe works
  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Maintenance and servicing

Difficult Access Specialists

  • EWP - self driven/truck mounted
  • Industrial Rope Access
  • Crane with man cage
  • Scaffolding
  • Cableways

Training and Inductions

  • Rope Rescue
  • Industrial Rope Access
  • Carrier and Site Inductions
  • High Risk licenses
  • Plant and Heavy Vehicle Licenses

With the backing of our workshop/warehouse we offer the capabilities of fabrication to pre-site builds allowing a site delivery to meet deadlines