Wet Hire

Wet hire is inclusive of an Operator and all consumables including rigging gear to suit most lifting requirements. Mechanical repairs, interval servicing, insurance, and a Dogman/Rigger may be included in this hire, which can be short or long-term. Our wet hire solutions ensure that your projects are taken care of, from commencement to completion.

Equipment Hire

MAP Crane Hire offers a range of accessories to cater for your project needs. We offer a range of equipment for hire, including spreader beams with 6 fixed lugs to accommodate single leg chains, 30t 4m to 6m spreader bar/beam, 15t 2.4m to 3.75 spreader bar/beam, two-person man cage with safety cable attached, pallet fork, and fly for 20t and 25t franna cranes.


Dry Hire

Dry hire services include the supply of the crane, with the hirer responsible for all labour required in operating and rigging the crane, consumables including rigging gear, mechanical repairs, and interval servicing and insurance. Dry hire is usually for an extended period of time, and allows you the flexibility to manage your own project needs.